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Jeff Johnson
United States
Current Residence: Los Angeles
My buddy Phil gives a great interview about the process of character design and the way he approaches the craft. Everyone should check it out.…
And take a look at his deviant page while you're are at it.

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ipanaju Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! You said that you are working on animation. Is it too rude to ask what company or are you a freelancer? 
I'm very interested in animation in general and I've been thinking about it as a career. Do you have any advice what a person should study?
Right now I'm working at Warner Bros. I've done both In house and freelance work. If you want to get into animation just draw all the time. The more comprehensive your skills, the more options you will have. Good luck.
ipanaju Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the answer! 
Umm, one more question, is it true that as an animator you have to study acting?
I've checked out some animation companies sites where they say that if you want to become animator (these were 3D) you have to know how to act.
And also use the software they use.
I've never taken an acting class but knowing how to act can't hurt. Plus, it looks like fun!
Hello Jeff. 

My name is Robert.
I know you don't really know me, but we have talked at Drink & Draw down at Casey's.
I just stopped by and was hoping to talk to you about an interview. I am student at Cerritos College who is pursuing animation for a career. I remembered you was kind enough to show me some storyboards you were quietly working on "batman jumping on train"maybe a year or so back. I could not help noticing studio letterhead in your portfolio. I talked to you a few times when have I gone back to Drink & Draw. I think you might remember my face and I spoke to your friend Dan Panosian.  I wanted to ask you formally in this post, can I please email you some general animation questions? Nothing too personal it is just for a college essay for my English 101 class on careers. I'll buy you and your friends a pitcher Guiness. If you are too busy I understand. 
Email me at: 
Please leave a return email where you can reached.

If you want to do this short interview it's only 6 questions, you can answer them as short form as you like. I know you would be doing me a huge favor, and I really appreciate your input and help.

Thanks Jeff for taking the time for reading this wordy post. 
Cheers!   :>)  

Hey Robert,

I'd be happy to answer some questions. My email is


Hello Jeff

Thanks for replying back to me. I am really sorry I did not reply sooner.
I know your schedule has probably been banana's. I have been pretty busy with college. 
The paper turn around was short.

I will email you question at the address above. You can reply at when your available, because 
I do value any suggestions or advice you can leave with me.

Thanks Robert.
i added your art to my blog

the title says it all i just wanted you to know

let me know what you think

It took a long time to draw. Thanks for posting it.
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